Our Story

Made in England, to last a lifetime.

Bear Fly Fishing co-founder Oscar Boatfield

Why we exist.

We started Bear to be a cut above the rest. We were frustrated at the general lack of quality, and purpose in the fly fishing world. We felt that tackle companies were not doing enough to better the sport, and most prioritise profit over quality.
Bear was born to turn the tide. We make the finest quality products we can, charge the lowest price we can, and have made it our mission to protect freshwater environments, by engaging a new generation in fly fishing. 
Made in England by Amy

The Finest Quality.

Our bags and packs are made in England by Amy, one of the finest bag makers around. Her skill and attention to detail are truly exceptional. Each bag is numbered and signed by her. We only use the best materials; our canvas fabrics age beautifully, and are made by Halley Stevensons in Scotland. They have been making the best waxed canvas since 1864. 

We stand by our products, they are built to last a lifetime. On the off chance that something bad happens to your bag, our lifetime guarantee has got you covered.

fly fishing bags made in England

The Lowest Price.

We sell our products direct to you*. This allows us to sell the best possible product, at a reasonable price.

It's expensive to make stuff in the UK, and when you use the best materials, they are pretty pricey too. If we worked by industry norms, our products would cost twice what they do, but we started Bear to be better, so we charge only enough to keep doing what we do.

*Sometimes we work with individuals, and small businesses who promote our products. They receive a commission for doing so. When we do this, we take the hit, it comes out of our profit.

fly fishing bags made in England

Engaging A New Generation, And Protecting The Environment.

We are bringing fly fishing to a new generation. Anglers in the UK, and beyond, are the backbone of freshwater conservation work. Without anglers, the future protection of our waters is at risk. We use our resources to introduce fly fishing and conservation to a new audience, and provide people with a structured pathway into the sport. Here are some of the free initiatives we are currently running:
    We are also passionate about promoting both the Mental, and Physical health benefits of the sport.