River Trout and Grayling Fly Membership

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Here at Bear we love exploring new waters in the search of freshwater gold. We started The Prospecting Club for like-minded individuals who want the best fly patterns on the market. All flies are crafted from the finest materials, by the Bear Team in North Yorkshire. Our River Trout and Grayling membership is perfect for those who are looking to take their river fishing up a notch.

How it works:

  • When you join the club you will receive 5 flies every 4 months. So 20 flies in total for the year. The cost for 1 year of membership is £40.00. The images below give you an example of the type of patterns you will receive.
  • All flies are proven patterns, that you won't find in your local shop. They have come straight from the boxes of top competition anglers.
  • Once every member has received their flies, the patterns will then be available to order online. Only club members are allowed to order flies. 
  • The club is restricted to 250 members. This allows us to ensure that everything we craft is of the highest possible quality.
  • As a member of The Prospecting Club, you will have access to step by step tutorials on how to tie each fly that you receive. 
  • The first fly sets will be despatched in January 2020.