Our Mission.

The most ambitious fly fishing company in the world.

Fly fishing is dying in the UK and as far as we are concerned only a few are doing anything to change that. We love fly fishing and we want to see it survive and thrive in the place of its birth. So we started Bear to change fly fishing for the better and bring a new generation into the sport. It's ambitious, we know, but what’s the point in starting something if you don't want to change something?
    We have watched fly fishing equipment get more complicated, increasingly expensive, and typically offering less bang for your buck to the consumer. For the most part, the fly fishing industry has been so focused on surviving it has neglected its duty to the sport with a focus on selling more to those who already fish, over bringing a new generation into the sport.
      We believe this approach is wrong. As an industry, we need to be actively involved in increasing participation in the sport and producing tackle that is the best it can be, whilst maintaining a reasonable price tag. From these foundations, we released the Bear Minimal range. A range of products to appeal to a new generation of fly angler. Someone who doesn't care for excess but wants the best equipment, and to be a part of not just a brand, but a movement in fly fishing.

        The Family: A few words from the founders.

        Oscar Boatfield - Co-Founder 

        Oscar Boatfield, European Nymphing fly fishing expert and Co founder of Bear fly fishing, wearing a Bear Minimal universal fly fishing pack and Bear Minimal apparel.
        I have been fly fishing for as long as I can remember, and competitively fishing for the last 11 years. As a youth, I represented England at international and World Championship level. As an adult, I have coached the England youth team, have been a professional guide for the last 8 years, co-authored an award-winning fly fishing book, built fly rods, and done some embarrassing stuff on TV. I am now heavily involved in running fishing based charities that work with people with mental health difficulties and increasing participation in the sport. 
        I started Bear because I want to get more people involved in fly fishing, plain and simple. 

        Nell Wharton - Co-founder

        Nell wharton co founder of bear Fly fishing, and top fly fishing woman, wearing a bear minimal cap and a black bear minimal universal fly fishing chest pack.
        I was born in the U.K. but grew up in Australia. I learnt to fish on the back of boats, off coastlines and whenever I came back to the U.K., in the river at the bottom of my grandparents garden. When I moved back to the U.K. in March 2018 I wanted to pursue fly fishing as it was a passion of my late grandfather's. Having no previous involvement in the sport and coming from a place of naivety, suddenly being asked what rod weight and size I wanted, different fly lines, which bag of the 150 available, suddenly the idea of taking a rod and just fishing became overwhelming. All I wanted was a simple set up that I could grab and go fishing with. 
        I am trained as a large animal veterinarian and suffer from some mental health issues (as do many people). Fishing became a way of connecting with nature, switching off and simplifying life for that day. I wanted to be involved in creating products that make this sport easily accessible, simple and informing people of the mental health benefits associated with fly fishing. Bear was created on this basis.